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IMO nr. 9485588 / INDEPENDENCE : Public Auction of Tug

Name : Independence

IMO : 9485588

Type : Tug

Length : 36.45 m

Beam : 11.00 m

Engines : 2 x Cummins Mod QSK60-M of 1.64 1kw c/u

Built : China, March 2007

Displacement : 975.13 MT

Auction Details 

Managing Authority : Port Authority of Ceuta (Spain)

Contact Details : Mr. Gerardo Toral Carleton

Tel: +34 956 527 000

Tel. for visits of the ship: +34 956 527 009

Email: gerardo@puertodeceuta.com

Legal Framework :

· Pliego de Condiciones, issued by the Port Authority of Ceuta (these conditions can be consulted in http://www.puertodeceuta.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/pliego1.pdf

· Real Decreto Legilativo 2/2011, Ley de Puertos del Estado y de la Marina Mercante

· 1993 Convention of Maritime Liens and Mortgages

· Ley 33/2003, de Patrimonio de las Administraciones Públicas

Type of Procedure :  Open

Starting Bid : 

First Invitation: €1,650,000

Second Invitation:  €1,402,500 (85%)

Third Invitation: 1,555,000 (70%)

Guarantee : €165,000 (10% of the starting bid)

Payment of Guarantee: Cash deposit, bank guarantee or bond insurance

Procedure for submission of bids

Deadline :  To be published

Presentation address :

Registro General de la Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta

Autoridad Portuaria de Ceuta

Muelle España s/n 51001 CEUTA

Presentation time : From 9:00 to 14:00 Monday to Friday

Documentation (for foreign person or company) : 

Two envelopes as follows:

  • Envelope No. 1: General Documentation (all documents must be accompanied by a translation into Spanish)

·  ID or passport (individuals) / Articles of association (companies)

·  Affidavit that the person/company is not prevented from participating (a form is provided in Annex III)

·  Statement whereby the person/company submits to the jurisdictions of the Spanish courts

·  ID or passport of the person submitting the bid

·  Power of attorney granted to the person submitting the bid (legalised/apostilled)

·  Certificate of registration in the national Registry of Companies (only companies)

·  Proof that the guarantee has been provided

  • Envelope No. 2: Economic Proposition (as per the form provided in Annex II)