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Lithuania – Ship Arrests in Practice, 13th edition

Lithuania – Ship Arrests in Practice, 13th edition

Download here the Lithuania chapter from the latest edition of our Ship Arrests in Practice publication. The law is stated as of 1st of January 2022.


Port Info for Klaipeda About Ship Arrests / Releases in Klaipeda About Ship’s management, ownership or port detentions


Arrest at a glance in LITHUANIA 1 – Arrest Conventions applicable: Code of civil proceedings 2 – Power of Attorney: Necessary (Hague Apostille) 3 – Counter security to arrest: Sometimes necessary 4 – P&I Club Letter of Guarantee: Deposit on bailiff account (local currency) 5 – Solicitor Assistance: Necessary 6 – Bailiff Assistance: Necessary DISCLAIMER: […]

Ship arrest in Lithuania by Vytas Ramanauskas, Ramanauskas ir Partneriai Law Firm

  Ramanauskas ir Partneriai Law Firm S.Daukanto 9, LT-92235, Klaipeda, Lithuania Tel. +370 46 303430 Fax. +370 46 312393 email: v.ramanauskas@rplaw.lt web: www.rplaw.lt 1. Please give an overview of ship arrest practice in your country. The International Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to the Arrest of Seagoing Ships, Brussels, 1952 (1952 Arrest […]