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Network Rules


The Network constitutes an industry platform to develop ship arrest and ship release business on an international level. The Network has built strong and unique personal and professional relationships among its members over the past 20 years. The website of the Network is widely consulted by the maritime community, it is also a well-known reference that interconnects entities and individuals involved in the ship arrest sector.

The objectives of the Network are, inter alia, to maintain the well-established connections between members and strengthen ties to the Network, to encourage the active collaboration and participation of the members in the projects and services provided by the Network, to improve and diversify the services procured and activities carried out by the Network, to implement new marketing strategies, to withhold the widespread reputation of the Network in the maritime industry and to attract more stakeholders in the shipping sector to join the Network.


The members of the Network are firms or individuals that have joined the Network and paid the annual fees. There are legal members (lawyers, arbitrators, consultants, those involved in the legal side of arrest work) and industry members (ship yards, suppliers, banks, P&I…). Amongst legal members there are two main categories: (i) Standard members and (ii) Exclusive members. Industry members have only one category; Standard members.

The Exclusive Members enjoy exclusivity in their registered country. They have contributed and contribute in a greater extent than Standard Members to the finance of the network by paying higher fees. Exclusive membership agreements are not limited in time provided payment of the annual fees is met. Members’ annual fees are updated occasionally by the Owners and or Managers of the Network when considered appropriate.

Board of Members

The Network has a Board of members for consultancy purposes on substantial matters. The members of the Board are the following: Richard Faint, Peter van der Velden, Henri Najjar, Edward Kuznetsov, Kelly Yap, Ozkan Zeynep, Steven D’Hoine, Thomas Wanckel, and Felipe Arizon.

The mandate of the Board is four years after which elections are to take place. 50% of the members to be elected shall be exclusive members. The founding member is the only permanent member of the Board.

The Editorial Committee

The Network has an Editorial Committee to monitor the issuance of publications. The members of the Editorial Committee are: Kelly Yap, Richard Faint, Francisco Venetucci, George Chalos, Marc de Man, Abraham Stern, and Felipe Arizon.

The mandate of the editorial Committee is two years. The founding member is the only permanent member of the Committee.

Founding Member

Dr. Felipe Arizon, April 2000.

Owners and/or Managers

The owners and or managers of Shiparrested.com are in charge of the marketing, administration and development of Shiparrested.com. They collect the annual fees of the web and network in order to provide for the objectives of the network to be achieved, and for a return on the investment made by them.


The Network issues different publications, e.g. the quarterly paper The Arrest News or the annual paper Ship Arrests in Practice. The Intellectual Property rights of the articles published through these publications belong to the members. However the publishing, distribution, and editing of these publications for the network, are handled internally or outsourced. The Intellectual Property rights of any other online publications belong to the members authorising the publication on the Network’s web sources.

Annual Meeting

Once per year the members of the Network gather in one of the registered countries. The annual meeting has a working and a social agenda, which are organized by a hosting firm, however lectures are organized by the Editorial Committee.

Unless otherwise agreed on for the development of the network, the network shall receive candidates for the following year’s annual meeting venue during the current year’s annual meeting or at any time fixed thereafter. Candidates must present a short presentation about their candidacy indicating options for hotel, venue, flight connections, and estimation of price. The following year’s venue shall be voted by the members.

Rights and Obligations of the Members

The members have the right to update the details of their entry, to participate in all the activities promoted by the network, including the annual meeting, to make use of the wanted ships, to publish articles, and to participate in voting.

The members shall pay annual membership fees in a timely manner; failure to effect timely payment, followed by two reminders of payment, shall entitle the managers or owners of the network to withdraw membership to the non-paying member.

All members shall act with ethics. Failure to act with ethical professional conduct shall entitle the managers or owners of the network to withdraw the membership, with prior consultation and agreement of the Board (simple majority) and the founding member.

Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The Shiparrested.com project was founded, developed and managed in Spain. The relationship between the managers of the network, its owners, agents and the members is governed by Spanish law and is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Málaga, Spain.

Legal Notice and Terms of Use

The information on this site and/or the material published on this site is for general information only and does not claim to be comprehensive or provide legal or other advice. Articles and other publications on this site are current as of their date of publication and do not necessarily reflect the present law or regulations. SHIPARRESTEDCOM SL accepts no responsibility for loss which may arise from accessing or reliance on information contained in this site.

Privacy and Data Protection Policy

These legal conditions regulate the permitted use of this web page that SHIPARRESTEDCOM S.L. makes available to Internet users. If you are not satisfied with these legal conditions you must leave this web page…