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Wanted Ships

Wanted ships is a free service where one can request information to locate maritime vessels through an online platform.

A user tracking the whereabouts of a “wanted” ship needs only to post a message; this is done by registering contact details and entering ship data in the “wanted ship” message. Once the message is posted, replies to the search are made in a private manner by responding privately to the contact details facilitated by the user i.e. the posting party.

Individuals with information about the location of “wanted” ships can respond directly to posts without revealing their identity. The responses are not channelled through www.shiparrested.com. The information requested and/or displayed under this service is the sole responsibility of the private or public individual or entity requesting the information.

DISCLAIMER: Important notice: Shiparrested.com nor its managers and/or owners do not have any responsibility whatsoever on the information requested and displayed by this service. The posted information displayed on this service is so displayed under the exclusive responsibility of the posting party/user. Shiparrested.com does not warrant the accuracy of the content of the information displayed on this service.