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The Network

Our mission at Shiparrested.com is to connect the world’s maritime law experts to guide you through swift ship arrests and releases.

Far from a mere directory, Shiparrested.com is an affiliation of hundreds of top-practicing lawyers from more than 100 countries who collaborate and gather on a worldwide basis. We are a network offering all the necessary information to handle a ship arrest and release anywhere in the world.


The Shiparrested.com network has been built on the strong personal and professional relationships among its members developed over the past 20 years. From its beginnings as a handful of colleagues and former classmates in shipping law to today’s broad network, Shiparrested.com continues to expand its alliance built on trust and close relationships connecting all those involved in the ship arrest business.


As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. As we continue to grow, each new member reinforces that strength. The network brings together hundreds of members from more than 100 countries. Shiparrested.com continues to strengthen its international maritime network with each passing year.


One of the focuses of Shiparrested.com is on delivering free updated information on arrest procedures around the world. Our online articles, The Arrest News newsletter and the Ship Arrests in Practice annual publication circulating amongst the shipping industry are highly recognized informational tools.


Shiparrested.com builds the perfect industry platform to develop the ship arrest business of law firms. A Shiparrested.com conference is held annually for its members to meet and interact with each other and industry guests. Consciously international, previous events have taken place in Hamburg, Dubai, Singapore, St. Petersburg, Málaga, Malta, and Jordan. Our next meeting will be the hosted in Oslo, Norway held 14-16 September, 2023.