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Sabatino Pizzolante Maritime & Commercial Attorneys

    Primary Contact:
    Jose Alfredo Sabatino P.
    2nd Contact: Ivan Dario Sabatino P.
    3rd Contact: Sandra Ayala
CC Inversiones Pareca, Piso 2, Ofc. 208/209 Av. Salom, Urb. Cumboto Sur 2050 Puerto Cabello Venezuela
+58 242 3618159/3641798
+58 242 3640998
 *Exclusive member for Venezuela* Construction, sale and Purchase agreements. Vessel registration and documentation. Naval Mortagages. Charterparty and Bill of Lading disputes. Marine Pollution. Salvage, towage and collisions. Port and terminal management consultancy. Port Operators' liabilities. Pre-loading Surveys, Vessel and Cargo Inspections. Reefer and dry container inspections. Investigations (theft, fraud, etc.) and claims handling. Legal remedies on customs affairs.

Ports the firm operates in

La Guaira Maracaibo Puerto Cabello

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