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2011 Greece Annual members’ Meeting

8th Shiparrested.com Conference, 2-4 June 2011, Athens, Greece


The 8th Annual Members’ Meeting took place near Athens, from Thursday June 2nd to Saturday June 4th and was hosted by Christos Vardikos, Vardikos & Vardikos, under the auspices of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

Our international expert speakers delivered brilliant papers, bringing new lights on worldwide ship arrest procedures, and opened the debate to interesting interactions with the audience (click here for the Conference Papers):

– Ship Registry and arrest in Dominica
–  War, Sea and Cargo by Henri Najjar – exclusive member for France
– Choice of law in ship arrest matters by Mathias Steinø – Hafnia
– London Arbitration: appointment of the tribunal, submissions and the award by Richard Faint (LMAA arbitrator), Russell Kelly (LA Marine) and Brian Taylor (Ashfords)
– Ship Arrest – Recent Developments in Nigerian Arrest Law by Adedoyin Afun – AELEX
– One country, two ship arrest procedures in Cameroon by Feh Henry – Henry, Samuelson & Co
– How to secure maritime claims in China by Weidong Cheng – Dacheng Law Offices LLP
– The maritime jurisdiction exercised by the Courts in India by V.K. Ramabhadran
– Ship Arrest in Morocco by Hakim Lahlou – Lahlou, Zioui & Associés
– Latest developments in Italian case-law on ship arrests by Claudio Perrella – AS&T
– Ship Arrest in UAE by Alessandro Tricoli – Fichte & Co

The meetings are crucial elements of our network. This year in Greece, 71 members from 34 different countries participated actively to the conference, demonstrating the true global network of Shiparrested.com. The professional and serious business sessions did not outweigh the usual very friendly atmosphere of shiparrested.com meetings.

Shiparrested.com network wishes to thank the members for their continued support and look forward to welcoming all of you at next year conference that will be hosted by George Chalos in New York, USA, on the first week of May 2012.