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7th Shiparrested.com Members’ Meeting, 3-5 June 2010, Antwerp, Belgium

The 7th shiparrested.com General Meeting was held this year in Antwerp last June 3rd to 5th and hosted by our exclusive member Steven D’hoine, from D’Hoine & Mackay. Taking place at the Hilton, the event privileged the seminar day but also included a full social programme with a welcome cocktail, dinners and tour of the beautiful city of Antwerp. Gathering 75 attendees (download the list), it offered a major opportunity for networking in an enjoyable atmosphere.

The high level of speeches and the debates and interactions that followed made this conference an invaluable event. We thank the following speakers for their contributions (download the Papers):

Francisco Carreira–Pitti / “Arresting vessels at the Panama Canal” / Carreira Pitti P.C. Attorneys / Panama
Tony Edwards / “Ship arrests in South Africa” / Shepstone & Wylie / South Africa
Krzysztof Kochanowski / ”Rotterdam Rules – yes or no?” / Mar Consult Maritime Solicitors Office / Poland
Richard Faint, Arbitrator & Trade Consultant / “Piracy: all you wanted to know but were afraid to ask” / CharterWise Ltd / UK
Claudia H. Perri / “Possibility of arresting a ship in Brazil based on a debt contracted abroad” / Felsberg e Associados / Brazil
George M. Chalos Esq. / “MARPOL, Magic Pipes and Whistleblowers. The Do’s and Dont’s for Effective Environmental Compliance” / Chalos & Co P.C. – International Law Firm / USA
Adrian Cristea / “Latest interpretation of the article 3 of 1952 Brussels Convention by Romanian Courts” / Cristea & Partners Law Office / Romania
Takayuki Matsui / “Arrest of a ship in Japan” / MLO Maritax Law Office / Japan
Christian Hernandez / “Arresting ships in Gibraltar” / Isolas / Gibraltar
Kevin Mackay / “Is Belgium still an attractive forum for ship arrests?” / D’Hoine & Mackay / Belgium
Alkisti Kannidou / “BVI Shipping Flag” / E. Economides & Partners / Cyprus
Kevin F. Dingli / “Application of Regulation (EC) No. 805/2004 in the Enforcement of Maltese Ship Mortgages in the EU” / Dingli & Dingli / Malta

Building on such success, the 8th annual conference will be held in Athens. Details will be circulating in the industry in due course.