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Arrest at a glance in BRAZIL

1 – Arrest Conventions & Laws applicable: Commercial Code and 1926 Brussels Convention
2 – Power of Attorney:
3 – Bank Guarantee to arrest:
4 – P&I Club Letter of Guarantee:
5 – Solicitor Assistance: Necessary. Note: Article 479 of the Commercial Code, only ships without cargo or with no more than 25% of its cargo capacity onboard may be arrested. However, whatever the amount of cargo onboard, by virtue of the same legal provision the arrest will never be allowed if the ship has already obtained all required authorizations to depart, given by the competent port authorities, unless the credit being claimed arises from bunkering and catering carried out at the same port and for the same voyage.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not intended to constitute legal advice, for such urpose please contact Shiparrested registered law firms.

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