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Ship Arrest, London, 5-6 December 2013

Ship Arrest, London, 5-6 December 2013

Shiparrested.com network has been media partner to the 2013 Lloyds Maritime Academy course on Ship Arrest held last December in London. Speakers covering some of the topics were members of the www.shiparrested.com network, such as: – Christian Hernandez, ISOLAS
, Gibraltar – G. Robert Toney, National Liquidators/National Maritime Services, Inc
, USA – David Zhou, CO-EFFORT Law […]

10th Shiparrested.com Conference, 16-18 May 2013, Marrakech, Morocco

Held in the exotic city of Marrakech last May 16-18, the 10th edition of the Shiparrested Annual Conferences has been greatly organized by Hakim Lahlou and Ali Zioui from the Morocco firm LAHLOU ZIOUI & Associés. In addition to a series of lectures and international table discussions – which offered unparalled cover to worldwide ship […]

Ship Arrest seminar, London, 10-11 December 2012

Shipparrested.com is a supporting organisation again for this year Ship Arrest Seminar from LLoyds Maritime Academy. Our  members Francisco Carreira-Pitti, Christian Hernandez and G. Robert Toney will participate as speakers and all shiparrested members get 20% off the registration fees. For details, http://www.lloydsmaritimeacademy.com/event/ship-arrest-seminar

9th Shiparrested.com Conference, 2-3 May 2012, New York City

Fantastically hosted by George M. Chalos, Chalos & Co PC, the event took place in New York City during the US MLA week.  The conference brought together 80 participants flying in from 33 countries at the Helmsley Park Lane Hotel located on Central Park. On Wednesday May 2nd, the members’ meeting began with an amazing […]

Ship Arrest course, London, 1-2 December 2011

New partnership with Informa – Lloyds Academy on the 2011 Ship Arrest course: Ship Arrest – Where and how to arrest a ship to understand arrest procedure in ten key geographical jurisdictions, Understand when, where and how to approach global ship arrest claims. Our members participated as speakers to the event and got their special discount […]

8th Shiparrested.com Conference, 2-4 June 2011, Athens, Greece

The 8th Annual Members’ Meeting took place near Athens, from Thursday June 2nd to Saturday June 4th and was hosted by Christos Vardikos, Vardikos & Vardikos, under the auspices of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Our international expert speakers delivered brilliant papers, bringing new lights on worldwide ship arrest procedures, and opened the debate to […]

Practical guide to arresting a ship, London, 29th-30th November 2010

This Informa annual Ship Arrest Course examined the challenges of obtaining security in various jurisdictions around the globe and the difficult areas before and after an arrest. Seeing a surge in the number of loan defaults, the speakers discussed current trends and insolvency issues in various jurisdictions. Following our media partnership wih Informa, the latest […]

Arresting a ship seminar, London, 6-7 July 2010

The Informa seminar 2010 focused on the practicalities of arresting a ship was held the last 6-7 of July to learn best practice management before and after an arrest, to control costs and recover debt effectively. The Arresting a Ship Lloyds Academy seminars offer updated case law about ship arrest and a comparative overview of […]

7th Shiparrested.com Members’ Meeting, 3-5 June 2010, Antwerp, Belgium

The 7th shiparrested.com General Meeting was held this year in Antwerp last June 3rd to 5th and hosted by our exclusive member Steven D’hoine, from D’Hoine & Mackay. Taking place at the Hilton, the event privileged the seminar day but also included a full social programme with a welcome cocktail, dinners and tour of the […]

Seminar on ship arrest, London, 7-8 December 2009

  Shiparrested.com network has been media partner to this Lloyds Maritime Academy course held last December in London. Some of the speakers covering the topics were members of the www.shiparrested.com network, such as: – Christian Hernandez, Partner, ISOLAS – G. Robert Toney, President, National Liquidators/National Maritime Services, Inc – Ingar Fuglevåg, Partner, Vogt & Wiig […]