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Legal Guide to Ship Arrests in Practice, 5th edition, 2010

This guide provides a legal analysis of ship arrest practices in 37 countries. The aim of this publication is to assist the maritime community in the understanding of the procedures and practical issues arising from the arrest and release of a ship around the globe.

Written by members of the shiparrested.com network, the papers follow a questionnaire issued by the editors to offer a treatment at a glance on how the maritime rules are interpreted in each country. All papers can been found online under the alphabetical list of articles.

The idea of Felipe Arizon, the sole founder of www.shiparrested.com, back in the year 2000 was that arrest practices could increase much more provided the information and transparency on ship arrest would rise.

The law is stated as at November 1, 2010.

For further information, please contact Valentine.deCallatay@shiparrested.com, the Managing Editor.