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Legal Guide to Ship Arrests in Practice, 6th edition, 2011

The 6th edition of the Ship Arrests in Practice provides a legal analysis of ship arrest practices in 51 countries around the world.

To offer a comprehensive overview of common issues arising from the arrest and release of a ship, all chapters follow the same questionnaire found in page 4. This sixth edition is the result of our yearly updates and comprises 204 pages.

Since the original idea of Felipe Arizon, the guides have developed to offer transparency on arrest practices. The maritime community needed to unravel the different arrest procedures worldwide and www.shiparrested.com gathered articles on how maritime rules were interpreted in each jurisdiction.

All chapters have been written by the shiparrested.com members, leading shipping lawyers. Thanks are due to the members-contributors and to P&I Clubs for their continuous stimuli to keep on with our trend.

The law is stated as at December 1st, 2011.