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LMA Ship Arrest Seminar

Shiparrested.com in partnership with Lloyd’s Maritime Academy looking forward to 2016 Ship Arrest seminar in London, November 30 – December 1, 2016

Examine the ripple effect of the OW bunker crisis and industry implications

  • Discuss the latest industry implications and lessons learned
  • Assess the implications for ship owners of the Supreme Court upholding the Court of Appeal decision in the Res Cogitans OW Bunker test case
  • Hear from experts on the leading cases they have been involved in since the OW Bunker insolvency

Explore the legal and commercial complexities of ship arrest today

Attend this seminar to:
  • Be guided through the processes of arresting a ship, discussing key considerations regarding the strength of claims, jurisdiction choices and post-arrest ship management
  • Receive operational advice for global ship arrest hot spots
  • Explore the perspectives of typical claimants and find out why they arrest, and what leverage they look for
  • Map the process of arresting a ship, from making the decision to what actions to take after the arrest
  • Assess how else you can gain security for a claim
  • Examine how ship owners can minimise their exposure to risk
Ship Arrest global hot spots: Receive the latest jurisdictional advice

International legal advisors will offer practical and operational advice on the advantages and disadvantages of arresting in their particular jurisdictions including:

  • Singapore and other Asian jurisdictions
  • China
  • India
  • South Africa
  • Netherlands
  • USA
  • France
Benefit from spotlight sessions addressing
  • Comparison of freezing orders and ship arrest
  • Maximising your potential of the right to arrest including loss of damage to a cargo
  • Negotiating security for release from arrest: what are the best options of acceptable guidance?
  • The consequences for the crew during ship arrest
  • Banks: Why they make a claim and alternative options
  • When ship owners file for bankruptcy
  • What are the alternatives to ship arrest
  • How should a bunker supplier best secure their credit?
  • Managing counter party risk in bunkering

See the Informa LMA website for even more details and the full agenda.

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