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LMA V Tracks Seminar, 5-6 December 2019, London

Bolster your understanding of vessel tracking data available – and the analysis required – to build evidence for disputes, handle claims, and advise clients through M&As.

Through interactive sessions and case studies, you will learn about the range of reliability issues associated with publicly available data, and how to optimise your use of tracking data during financial/insurance disputes.

Highlights for 2019

  • Use cases from front-line practitioners – There is no better way to discover the latest efforts in vessel tracking than by hearing directly from the industry’s trailblazers. Attend sessions from port authorities, ship owners, managers and innovators in tech who will share their case studies – success, challenges and solutions.
  • Build world-class knowledge and a world-class team – Learn from a variety end users and experts – not just in implementing the technology but also in recruiting and attracting new talent. Discover what can be done to nurture the next generation of shipping talent who have the skills to work with extensive shore side data.
  • Back by popular demand – the role of data in maritime litigation – The use of data sets is becoming increasingly popular within maritime law but awareness is still quite low. Discover how different uses of vessel tracking data have been used in litigation and what you need to present should you be required to present your claim.
  • Look to the future – what is next? – Vessel tracking is very much the here and now, but what about the next 10/20 years? Start thinking about how far data can be used and how you can get ready for smarter ports, autonomous shipping and 5G.

New for 2019

  • NEW for 2019 – Tackle data challenges – Working in groups, this new format of session will take on the industry’s most important challenges. Our expert speakers will problem-solve common difficulties allowing you to take-away thought-provoking solutions. Work together towards making improvements in interoperability, tech culture, safety, security and more!
  • New for 2019 – Exercises – Gain new skills by doing – not just listening. Break out into groups by using an extract of vessel tracking data and learn how to analyse different data sets. Plot the data on maps and analyze how to improve vessel performance and monitoring.

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