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Second Members´ Publication, December 2002

We are very proud to present the second free edition of ShipArrested.com members’ contributions featuring the latest procedures on how to arrest a ship in 18 new jurisdictions. Key players of this network provide top information ensuring that ship arrest/release practise and expertise are improving and increasing.

At the latest Posidonia event, hundreds of our first Members’ Publication were distributed containing others members’ articles on how to arrest a ship in 21 jurisdictions.

Our first printed edition had been very well received into the London and Scandinavian P & I Clubs: one of the Director of the UK Defence Club wrote us: “Thank you very much for sending a copy of the ‘Members´ Publication’. I note with great interest that a second edition is planned for later this year”; another Manager of the ITIC asks: “We would be grateful if you could send us another copy of the printed edition of the Members’ Publication”.

December 2002

Click here to download the Second Members´ Publication.