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Legal Guide to Ship Arrests in Practice, 2nd edition, 2007

Legal Guide to Ship Arrests in Practice, 2nd edition, 2007

This handbook owes its origin to a project envisaged a few years ago to provide the shipping community with a top maritime product www.shiparrested.com. It provides a comprehensive and practical survey of the law relating to ship arrests worldwide and continues to be the most readable and user-friendly guide in this area. In the international […]

Second Members´ Publication, December 2002

We are very proud to present the second free edition of ShipArrested.com members’ contributions featuring the latest procedures on how to arrest a ship in 18 new jurisdictions. Key players of this network provide top information ensuring that ship arrest/release practise and expertise are improving and increasing. At the latest Posidonia event, hundreds of our […]

First Members´ Publication, May 2002

In the international environment of maritime affairs and commercial business, world online information is of utmost value. On this premise NetManager Consulting company pioneered the development of www.shiparrested.com. The network includes direct information on port authorities, P&I Clubs, shipowners, international organizations and law firms in order to meet the essential needs of any company involved […]