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The acknowledgments

At shiparrested.com network, we value your attitude towards us, your help, cooperation and loyalty.

As a sign of distinction, we have created three different acknowledgments which are aimed to recognise the degree in which our members have helped Shiparrested.com on its way forward. Such recognitions distinguish some members from the regular members, as the former groups have gone much further with the network than paying for their fees in time.

Our regular members are those who qualify to register as members whether on exclusive or non-exclusive basis for a given country. We ask them no more than timely payment of their fees, loyalty and good faith acting towards shiparrested.com.

Our Silver members acknowledge those members who have been very cooperative, helpful, and at all times loyal with Shiparrested.com.

Our Golden members are those who have done the same than our Silver members but to a considerable higher degree and which have helped to extend Shiparrested.com.

Our Platinum members have contributed to such an extent into Shiparrested.com that without them it would not have been possible.