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The Arrest News – Issue 32

In this issue of The Arrest News:

Potential Liability of MV EVER GIVEN for Damages Arising Out of the Suez Blockage Under Panamanian Law, Law of the Flag by Francisco Carreira Pitti, Carreira-Pitti P.C. Attorneys (Panama)

Guidance from the Singapore High Court on the Interaction Between Insolvency and Admiralty Law and Resolution of Tensions Between the Two by Kelly Yap, Oon & Bazul (Singapore)

• The Co-Insurance Quandry by K. Murali Pany and Samuel Lee, JTJB Law Offices (Singapore)

• Arrest of Ships in Ukraine Due to Unpaid Crew Wages, by Yuriy Sergeyev, Sergeyevs’ Law Office (Ukraine)

The Marine Industry in Cyprus and the COVID-19 Vaccine by Andria Kouloumi, Michael Kyprianou Advocates (Cyprus)

Read the full issue here: The Arrest News Issue 32