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The Arrest News – Issue 34

In this issue of The Arrest News:

  • The Ever Given Saga – Law and Liability by Hany Mamoon & Karim Marouny & Omar Omar, Al Tamimi & Co. (Egypt)
  • What Constitutes Sherrif’s Ship Maintenance Expenses? by Ashwin Shanker, Chambers of George Rebello (India)
  • The “Bill of Lading” Seen in the Singapore Bunker Industry is NOT the Key to the Warehouse by Kelly Yap, Oon & Bazul (Singapore)
  • Bunker Supplies: The Extent of the In Rem Claim in English and Northern Irish Law by Craig Dunford QC (Northern Ireland)
  • On Barratry and Exceptions of Owners Liability by John & Yoav Harris, Harris & Co. Maritime Law Office (Israel)

Read the full issue here: The Arrest News 34