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The Arrest News – Issue 37

In this issue of The Arrest News:

The Commercial Court of Montenegro Grants Ship Arrest for Non-monetary Claims by Petar Djurovic, Abaco Ltd. and Filip Milosevic, Law Office Milosevic
Can a Defective Passage Plan Affect Seaworthiness? by Kenra Parriswhittaker, Parriswhittaker (Bahamas)
Celebrating 40 years of Panama’s Maritime Jurisdiciton by Joaquín de Obarrio, Patton, Moreno & Asvat
Marine Accidents Investigation in Poland by Bartosz Biechowski, Attorney-at-Law
Salvage Claims Arising out of Towage Contracts by Cherie Gopie and Gregory Pantin, M. Hamel-Smith & Co. (Trinidad & Tobago)
“The Tai Prize” and “The Luna” by K. Murali Pany and Samuel Lee, JTJB (Singapore)
The Exclusion of the Compulsory Application of the Hague Visby Rules in Canada by Marc de Man, De Man Pillet

Read the full issue here: The Arrest News Issue 37